Getting found by google

The majority of advice you receive when starting up your own business includes the sentiment,
‘Well of course you will need a website”.

That’s fine but starting a website is a lot like starting a shop, you are only going to get customers if people know where to find you. Where would you rather be, in the middle of the busy high street, or in a converted barn in the country.

So how to get noticed, well considering the huge market share of search engines that Google has, it seems the most logical place to start. Google uses complicated formulas and algorithms to determine a sites rank, and I don’t know enough about it, which is why when I searched for Personal Trainer Letchworth I was not even listed in the google results.

So I called in the experts, Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of organising your content in a way that google finds appealing and deems to rank higher than other sites.

One call to Colin McNulty and I was armed with enough knowledge that 3 days later I was ranking at NO. 7 on page one of google’s searches.

Colin is a Cross Fit fan and Olympic-style weightlifting competitor who can help your site go from strength to strength.

Colin is an old friend of mine, who, by his own admission, was considerably overweight but is a perfect example of what regular and consistent training can achieve – he is now lifting in excess of 100kg in Olympic-style competitions

You can read his blog or contact him here – Colin McNulty

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