Changes to the Booking System and Prices

Booking System. Due to continual technological issues and subsequent failures to fix the issues by the supplier I have decided to IMMEDIATELY terminate my contract with them.

I have taken note of everyones remaining sessions and will be adding them to the new system when you register.

You will all receive a free credit as soon as you register so you can book your first session immediately – and don’t have to spend anything, I can then add all your remaining credits and explain the simple purchase system in person.

Please contact me with any questions / concerns.


Credit Purchase

The website does work on mobile phones.

This system will text you to remind you of your bookings, and allow you to book other people into the class if you’re bringing a friend a trial etc.

1 session is £6.00 (valid 2 weeks)
4 sessions are £21 (£5.25 each – valid 8 weeks)
8 sessions are £38 (£4.80 each – valid 16 weeks)

This is the first price increase in over 2 years.

I do apologise for this inconvenience but too many of you have had problems over the past few months and I have had no response or help from the supplier.

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