I dropped a dress size so quickly!

No matter what your looking for in a personal trainer you will find it in Pete, he has experience in training for marathons, weight loss programs, toning and improving general stamina & well-being.

He is highly dedicated and will do whatever he can to help you reach your goals. He will set you a realistic program including what you can do in your own time at home with what equipment you already have. If you don’t do it, or don’t have time, then make sure you tell him so that he can readjust the program or help with encouragement. Emails or texts are a great way to check you have done the tasks or remind you.

The combination of a great trainer and price makes this much more worthwhile than any gym. I definitely recommend meeting with Pete to discuss what you need and can afford. A lot of people have very unrealistic targets when starting with a personal trainer including losing 25% of their body weight in a few weeks for a wedding. You need to speak to qualified people like Pete to gather the information on what is realistic and safe.

As for me, I am average height and weight and just wanted to improve general fitness and reduce stress. I new this would tone me up and help me lose the one dress size I had gained over the past hectic year. I improved so quickly and loved the core & running program he developed that I soon thought about competing with myself to improve times and then think about entering a race — argh never done this before. With Pete’s enthusiasm it was clear that I would enjoy it and I am looking to enter races very soon.

If you are looking at this page then you are very close to contacting Pete and giving him a go. Go for it and happy training.

Kim R (Hitchin)

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