Personal Training Testimonial – Sara

LOST 2 STONE IN 3 Months!

As a Mum of two young children who had “let herself go” somewhat it was with great trepidation that I ventured into the world of Personal Trainers!

Like many people, I was very over weight and really didn’t have the motivation to diet and start exercising on my own. I had tried all the usual diet clubs which allowed me to loose a bit of weight quite quickly but it was hard to keep off and always piled back on far too easily!

I found Pete via the internet just before the New Year and from the first time I spoke to him on the phone I knew that he was the right person for me. On our first meeting Pete probably got more than he bargained for as I was feeling very down about my weight which meant that I was incredibly emotional! Pete didn’t let this put him off and he devised a plan that would start me off exercising gently and eating healthily.

I have a little boy who is only two and Pete was fantastic allowing me to train whilst he was at home – a lot of his time spent being bounced along in his pushchair being pushed by Pete whilst we were out running! I had never been a runner and after a very slow start, with Pete’s support and encouragement I actually started to enjoy it.

The best part of the training for me was the Circuit training which we did at home, having never lifted a weight or done many lunges or sit up’s this was all very new to me! I soon realised that this was a major part of my fitness programme and quickly began to lose weight and look and feel much more toned and defined.

In my first month I had lost a stone and by 3 months I had lost 2 stone and I was loving our training sessions which were very varied. My main aim was to complete the Race for Life 5k in July this year which I had always thought of doing but never got round to! I managed to complete the whole course using Pete’s Run/Walk technique in just over 47 minutes which will never break any records but I was really pleased I had managed to finish at all – another emotional day!!!

Before I met Pete I would not go swimming or to any exercise classes for fear of people laughing at me, but now I swim once a week and go to the gym four times a week which I absolutely love!

So if anybody is thinking about taking Pete on as their Personal Trainer – do it!! He has turned my life around and I know he can do the same for you.

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