Week 1: Training Review.

The focus this week was clearly on getting out running and starting to build the mileage base for the London Marathon. I am not looking at much speedwork as I will be helping my Wife run it this year and we will be aiming for 5:30 or so. Whilst this may seem easy in comparison the the 4hours I have run before it brings its own challenges, namely that your body is taking a heavy pounding for 90mins more!

Monday 2nd Jan:
11miles in 1:44 at 9:26 pace. This is the furthest I have run in a single run for 2 years, struggled a little towards the end but a great run nonetheless.

Birthday, rest day.

2.5miles in 35:00, hill running with a client
5 miles in 40:28. Way faster than I meant to run but everything just clicked.

2.7 miles in 27:00, club run with someone coming back from a knee injury.

2.7 miles with client as a warm up
5 miles cycle, legs a little tight

5 miles with client in 46:00
3 miles cycle in evening to meeting and back

6.3 miles in 57:38. Legs tired.

Run: 35 miles
Cycle: 8 miles

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