Training, Day 2

I’m largely alternating cardio and weights at present, so following on from yesterdays routine, it was a cardio day today. Not that sore today, except in the shoulders, largely from lifting the barbell for the front squats. Legs ok though, so High intensity intervals on the treadmill.

Did 4 mins warm up then hopped off for a quick stretch, then back on for another 4 mins warm up, then 10 sets of 1min @ 10mph (16kph) followed by 1min @ 6mph (9.8kph). The last 3 reps were hard, so dropped the recovery on those sets to 5mph (8kph) but kept the top speed up. Largely done in by the end so all is well. 35 mins in total. Looking forward to running with the club tonight as well.

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