6 mile run with Nick

Running with a partner offers a lot of benefits, not least of which is the added incentive to train. I was looking unlikely to do anything today until Nick phoned out of the blue asking if I fancied 6 easy miles. Definitely – so 9pm we set off for 6 easy miles up to Letchworth and back through Norton to Stotfold. Another big benefit I find is it is literally a lot easier running with a partner. When you are not solely focused on pace and HR etc, but chatting to a friend you tend to relax more, HR goes down and speed increases.

As we approached 5 miles I offered up a fast last mile which Nick took and we sped up. Aiming for 8:00 pace we were cruising along at 7:30 without knowing it, speed work is so much easier with 2 as you tend to relax so much more.

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