5m run then arms, chest and back at gym

Following yesterday’s exam success I was full of motivation and drive today so up at 5am for a 5 mile run up to Letchworth and back which, whilst it felt harder than I expected for a low intensity run, felt fantastic to be out again in the mornings on a weekday.

5.15 miles in 46:59. Average pace 9:07 and average HR was 146 or 68%, perfect fat burning run.

Went to Letchworth gym at 9:30am and I did feel the lack of energy from the run, but the porridge I had was working.

4 sets of..
Incline Dumbell Press – 10 reps, 12kg, 30s rest – followed by
Chin Ups – managed 9,8,7,6 (1 min rest)

4 sets of..
Flat Dumbell chest press – 10 reps, 12kg, 30s rest – followed by
Single Arm row – 10 reps, 12kg, 30s rest

4 sets of..
Inclined dumbell flies – 10 reps, 6kg, 30s rest – followed by
Single arm cable pull (seated) – 10 reps, 12.5kg (both arms), 30s rest

4 sets of..
Tricep Dips, 10 reps, 1 min rest
Cable bar pull down, 10 reps, 30kg, 1 min rest.

Tricep dips were again all done on the full tricep deck, and this week managed 10,10,10,9 and they were a lot deeper dips as well. Definately seeing the progress now, and particularly as I have slowed all my reps down.

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