New Training Programme, Day 1

Great to see some new faces at circuits this morning, well done to you all.

Got back home and straight into a new routine. Concentrating on the big 3 lifts with some additionals.

Squat: (Should be on a rack but doing at home so did Barbell front squat instead.
4 warm up sets building the weight, then 3 x 5 reps at 45kg. About as heavy as I can go at present as I cannot clean much more safely at home.
Chest Press: (Again, as at home used dumbells instead of bar for safety)
4 warm up sets then 3 x 5 reps at 20.4kg each hand (45lbs) Perfect weight, last reps were really hard to maintain form on.
Deadlift:4 warm up sets, then 3 x 5 reps at 80kg. Again, just on the limit.
Incline Dumbell Press: 2 x 10 reps of 15.9kg (35lb)
Single Arm Row:10 reps 15.9kg (35lb)
Plank: 2 x 50s

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