My training and event plans for 2012

So, that time of year when we all sit down and make rash promises on what we are, or are not, going to do this year. And this year we REALLY mean it.

Before I rush into my plans for this year, it is important to look at last years plans, and see how I measured up to them.

I didn’t set out with any hard and fast resolutions, but did make some plans. One was to compete in the Adidas Thunder Run 24 hour relay. I did, and I enjoyed it so much I will be returning this year with a smaller team and therefore a greater challenge.

I planned to run the Abingdon Marathon. This I did not do, as I injured my right leg / ankle and struggle with running for most of the autumn. I did however increase distance towards the latter half of the year in preparation for the Virgin London Marathon in April 2012.

I did decide to cut alcohol out of my diet completely, which in July I did and I haven’t looked back. More energy, more productive, and a leaner body. Excellent.

So the plans for this year.

  1. Run 1000 miles
  2. Been a few years since I hit this target, but I will need to keep the mileage up as I train for

  3. London Marathon (April)
  4. I am running this with my wife, who until training started had never run more than 10k, so my entire focus for early 2012 is remaining strong, healthy and injury free to make sure I am there every step of the way for her. Her goal is between 5:30 and 6 hours so I will be training to stay on my feet for this length of time. I am hoping that this will give me a good base to move on to

  5. Complete an Ultra-marathon
  6. It’s been in the back of my mind for some time now, and I feel this could be the year to tick this one off. I suspect it will be late Autumn before I can have a crack at this. But possibly earlier as I am also planning

  7. PB at the Standalone 10k
  8. My local 10k, and one I haven’t raced in anger for 3 years or more, as I have been pacing others around.

  9. Improve my swimming
  10. I can swim, I can front crawl, what I struggle with is finding a steady efficient rhythm that will mean I don’t keep needing that 5s break at the end of each length.

  11. Cycle a lot more where possible
  12. One benefit of the 4×4 is that it handles all the weights, kettlebells and equipment effortlessly. The drawback is it drinks petrol at a huge rate. GIven the fact I am targetting to long distance events, I am turning to the bike to aid stamina work, whilst still retaining freshness in the legs to train others as well. 500miles or so will pay for the bike in the petrol I will have saved!

  13. Prepare for a triathlon in 2013
  14. It is inevitable after the previous two points that I will fancy a crack at something new in 2013 and a triathlon seems the next logical step.

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