Maximum Weights Test

I’ve been seriously weight training now for 3 months so it was high time I actually figured out what my maximum weights are. This is important as it will dictate what weights to life for strength training, and what to lift for endurance.

I went to Letchworth gym, and the plan was to warm up then do 2 reps on a machine at a lowish weight and then increase the weight, one setting at a time until I could not do 2 controlled reps any more.

5 mins rowing for a warm up as it is whole body and then hit the machines. The results were actually quite surprising.

Leg Extension – 50kg
Leg Curl – 52.5kg

Abductor – 70kg
Adductor – 70kg (This is the maximum on the machine, I think I could do another 5-10kg)

Leg Press – 140kg

Smith Machine:
Squat – 75kg
Bench Press – 60kg

I will repeat the test every 4 weeks I think and monitor progress.

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