3 Ultras in 6 Weeks

Having finished the London Marathon in 5:57:45, under our goal of 6 hours it is now time to ask, “What next?”

As I ran well within myself in terms of speed, i was left thinking, “how much more could I do”, as opposed to, “how much faster could I do it?”

I then decided to enter the Herts Hobble, an off-road race in June, with a distance ascribed to it of 26.5miles, officially and ultra-marathon. OK, not much of one, but technically it is. This is all off road, and self navigated so should be a challenge.

I then found out that 4 weeks after that, the Fairlands Valley 50k is on, and reckoned I could use the Hobble as a training stepping tone for that and duly entered.

The last piece of the puzzle is the Adidas Thunder Run, a 10k off-road lap that teams run as a continuous relay for 24 hours. Last year, in a team of 6, we managed 24 laps – this year, it will be a team of 4, hoping to do the same, but clearly running 6 laps each instead of 4.

After that, I will take a rest before targetting the Standalone 10k in October.

My training plan will revolve loosely around running off-road as much as possible for the experience. I will aim to build up the long run again each week, and run 50% of that distance the following day to build up the endurance and running on tired legs experience.

Weekday runs will be a bit random as I will build it around what client work and running club dutires there are – which obviously come first.

The diary therefore looks like this.

W/c 30th April Sa 12 – Su 4

W/c 7th May Sa 14 – Su 6
W/c 14th May Sa 16 – Su 8
W/c 21st May Sa 18 – Su 9
W/c 28th May Sa 20 – Su 10

W/c 4th June Sa 14 – Su 6
W/c 11th June Fri -5k race (possibly pacing Mrs L to 30mins) Sa 6 – Su 8
W/c 18th June 27m Herts Hobble
W/c 25th June Sa 6 – Su 6

W/c 2nd July Sa 10 – Su 10
W/c 9th July Fairlands Valley 50k
W/c 16th July Sa 12 – Su 6
W/c 23rd July Adidas Thunder Run – 10k laps x 5/6 in 24 hours

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