Killer leg workout

Hit the legs hard today, which should make for an interesting circuit class tonight!

Warm up:
5 x 1min skipping+30s rest
3 x 12 chair lunges each leg with 30kg
3 x 12 one legged deadlift (each leg) with 30kg
3 x 12 front squats with 25kg (should have done 35kg really)
3 x Lunge jumps (8 on each leg)
Warm down:
5 x 1min skipping+30s rest

Well, it definitely lived up to it’s name – the lunge jumps at the end were a real killer and the 3rd set of the one legged deadlifts were a struggle, but whole lot completed. Got the weight right for 1st two exercises but could have lifted more on the squat – next time.

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