Intervals are better when pushed!

Running with Stotfold Runners on Tuesday night. Half a mile warm up then 600m easy, 600m hard with 60s recovery at the end of the hard leg. I thought I ran the first one too fast but then one of the other runners started really pushing and left me behind. This was the best thing in intervals as it meant I pushed hard all the way to avoid getting left behind by too much. It turns out I wasn’t going as hard as I thought in the beginning!

The times of the 4 fast reps of 600m were:
2:21 = 6:30 mins/mile
2.09 = 5.57 mins/mile
2.12 = 6.10 mins/mile
2.10 = 5.59 mins/mile

Overall I am very happy with those times, all of which were well under my PB for the mile pace.

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