Increasing the mileage by slowing down

This week I really wanted to up the mileage to get my body in condition for the rigours of the Round Norfolk Relay at the weekend. Following a steady 5 miles on Tuesday night with Nick, I added 8 miles on the treadmill at the gym on Thursday morning. Nothing strenuous, just under 9:00 pace. That evening though I ran with Stotfold Runners, as some of our beginners wanted to try the upcoming Standalone 10k course.

We completed the course at 11:00 pace which felt nice and easy but took the days total to 14 miles quite easily. The following morning I added another 7 miles or so on the treadmill, a little slower than before due to the intensity of the week, 9:27 pace.

Sunday am ran with Mrs L the Standalone 10k course again, 11min miles or thereabouts, and then 10 miles in the evening. Mainly at 9:20’s but with 2 miles at 8:00 pace for a challenge. The result was 43 miles run with no ill effects on the legs, but plenty of fat burning and cardio benefits

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