Chest session

Chest session at gym.

Incline flyes with twist 10 x 3kg, 8 x 4kg, 5 x 5kg
Barbell Chest Press – 10 x 30kg, 8 x 35kg, 5 x 40kg
Dumbbell Pullover – 10 x 6kg, 8 x 10kg, 5 x 14kg
Dumbell Chest Press – 10 x 12kg, 8 x 14kg, 5 x 16kg
Upright Flyes (cables) – 10 x 2.5kg, 8 x 3.75kg, 5 x 5kg

Once again I was doing each set until near failure, apart from the pullover, which I need to up the weight on so I did the whole thing again.

Same as before except the pullovers went up to 10kg, 14kg and 18kg.

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