Back and Biceps at gym, plus 5m run

Took a rest day yesterday as too many things happened to fit in a decent session, and rather than stress about it just called it a rest day.

Back in the gym today though for Back and Biceps, slightly different today.

Negative Pull Ups 2×10
Reverse Flye 3×10
Lat Pull Down 3×10
Bent over row 3×10

Bicep Curl 3×10
Overhand Barbell Curl 3×10
Preacher Curl 5 x Drop Sets

Then 20mins core – Weighted Crunch, Side Extensions, Back Extensions, Double leg lift into reverse crunch, Medicine Ball Russian Twists (all 3 x10)

Got weights right today as was failing on 10th rep of most sets. The drop set on the preacher curl was a killer. Working to failure at 15,12.5, 10, 7.5, and 5kg.

Evening run was great, HR stayed low despite picking up the pace whilst still trying to maintain the POSE form.

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