8 mile run – picked up the pace

No gym today as went to see Jnr’s school assembly. Late in the evening though I ran up to Letchworth to get some cardio in. Typically I run to 70% of Working Heart Rate (WHR) which is about 150bpm for me, and last year was just under 9:00 mins per mile. This year I am still working down to that pace but wanted to push a bit so tried to run just under 9:00 regardless of HR.

Decided on 8 miles about 3 miles in so added the 4th mile through Letchworth centre, got to the UK’s oldest roundabout (!) which as just over 4 miles and turned around. HR really started to rise in the last 2 miles or so but I completed the run in 1:10:13, 8:45 pace and 75% WHR average which I am happy with. Admittedly by the time I got back at 11:30 I was a little tired but a good stretch out was just the ticket.

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