3 Ultras in 6 weeks – Training Week 2

This week it dawned on me, just what a challenge I had set myself. The wobbles started and I knew I had to get my 14miles done as planned or it might be a sign I was not ready for what is to come.

It was a great week, with the new beginners running group at Stotfold Runners attracting about 15 new people with promise of more to come.

The runs in the week, were short, and with walk breaks as it was mainly beginners I was running with. 4 runs of a little over 2 miles, and one of 4. I will need to run more myself but I am conscious of over training, and my recurring tendon issues on my right ankle re-appearing.

Saturday: Plan 14miles.
Alarm went off at 4:30, looked outside and the day promised to be a gorgeous one. Left the house at 5:00am and headed to the fields. Plan was to go upto Langford and then just follow the bridleways for 7 miles and turn round.

Because of the dew my feet were wet and cold within a mile but hey ho. It was tough on the grass and hills, but the morning was fantastic. The sunrise over Astwick was highly inspiring, especially as my iPod was playing “Watch the sun come up” by Example, as I saw it. Awesome.

The fields from Langford across to Henlow area were very overgrown and muddy, and I was working hard to keep any sort of pace. It was all gently down hill which held a nice(!) uphill for the return journey. I felt good though. 5 miles in and had to stop at a random Level crossing in the fields to the let the morning train through. Got a wave from the driver though!

Miles 6 and 7 took me into the back of Biggleswade along the river, with the morning sun reflecting off the river making it a very serene and beautiful run. As soon as I turned at 7 miles it felt like it got harder. And the long slow climb back upto Langford did not help.

Lack of serious mileage, the toll of off-road running and the grass and wet mud all added up and my heart rate rose steadily. It became one of those runs where I told myself, “walk break at 9 miles”. I didn’t and decided to take it at 10 miles, didn’t and went to 11, eventually taking the break at 12.5 miles for water.

I’m really pleased with this outcome as I managed to grind out 4.5 miles on heavy legs and tired lungs at 6 in the morning. The last mile and a half were hard, not least as I could really feel my ankle and calves suffering from all the extra work involved in stabilising me on the uneven surfaces.

Total time 2:21, just over 10min miles, 145 avge HR, but was a lot higher towards the end. Ankle sore, right heel feels bruised as well after VLM (not a fracture I hope!!)

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