10 mile run

Due to half-term I took a week off from exercising and it’s no bad thing to cut back every 4th week or so to give the body time to repair and re-energise.

Having said that I was itching to get back into the swing of things and so jumped at the chance when my running partner Nick enquired about an early Sunday morning run. Alarm was set for 5am and off to bed it was.

When i run early I set the alarm, get up immediately and get dressed an then allow myself 25minutes to wake up, have a bit of water, go to the loo etc. So 5.30 left the house and sure enough Nick was there. Running with a partner is a great motivator as you feel guilty for letting them down. Nick is training for 3 marathons in 3 weeks so his plan is very much based on spending time on his feet and gaining distance as opposed to speed. As I am building up endurance that was fine with me.

We set out at around 10 minute mile pace and held that steady all the way round. I only meant to go for 6 miles but the pace was good and the company great so carried on for an extra 4 miles. We kept an eye on HR to ensure we weren’t working too hard. This is extremely effective as I haven’t run 10 miles in over a month but it seemed relatively easy.

10 miles, 1:44:45, Average HR – 145 or 67%

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