RECIPE: Morning Greens Smoothie

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A great start to the morning, there’s a lot of great nutrients in this to get you started. The protein powder is optional so this is suitable for vegans and those eating a strictly “non-processed diet”. This smoothie also tastes great using coconut milk instead of almond milk. It’s also 3 of your 5 a day (although I recommend 5-9!)


Avocado – rich in B Vitamins and good levels Vitamins K, C and E, as well as potassium and a good source of monounsaturated fat.

Spinach – High levels of iron which is essential for the function of red blood cells which help carry oxygen around the body and aid in energy production.

Protein Powder (optional) – increasing the amount of protein aids in muscle growth when combined with weight training and also provides a slow release of energy reducing your hunger throughout the day.

Almond Milk РLactose free, and contains plenty of fibre, vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, manganese, zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorus,tryptophan, copper, and calcium. Almonds have also been found by the UK institute of food research to have some probiotic properties that can aid the digestive system.

Blueberries – Contain moderate levels of vitamins C and K, essential manganese as well as fibre. They also contain anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help reduce the effect of free radicals in the body. Free radicals have the ability to damage cell structure which can lead to cancer and other serious health issues. They are also an essential part of the bodies daily function, but external influences like smoking, pollution, pesticides, radiation and drugs can upset that balance.

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