Remember Jodie Marsh?

Do you remember Jodie Marsh, the glamour model most famous for falling out of nightclubs, literally wearing nothing but a couple of belts? Ever wondered where she is now? Turns out she took up body building two years ago and recently came fifth in a qualifier for the Natural Physique Association British championships.

The full article in the Sun Online states she lost 20lb fat, gained 8lb muscle, and lost 15% body fat in 50 days. Whatever your view on the aesthetic results, the basic numbers are impressive, although I have to say, putting 8lb of muscle on in 7 weeks is questionable.

For those of you worrying that weight training could lead you into this result, take a minute to examine the alleged diet and training regime she followed.

For a start, she has been seriously weight training for 2 years, not just 50 days, so she wasn’t coming from a base of nothing. Secondly, I read an article on her when she did start training and it was 4 times a week, and very intense with heavy weights.

Thirdly, when bodybuilding it is usual to go through different periods of training. There would have been the bulking period where she would concentrate on building as much muscle as possible, combined with, likely, a high calorie, high protein diet with any number of supplements (she doesn’t use steroids though).

This is then followed by a “cutting phase”. This is the phase she has just completed, where the cardio will increase a little, and the diet will cut right back on carbs and fat to strip away all the fat around the muscles to create better definition. This is not her normal”diet and should not be seen as a long term solution to weight loss. Following the competition she will put weight back on and eat a more balanced diet.

It is worth re-iterating, YOU CANNOT PUT THIS AMOUNT OF MUSCLE ON WHILST DRASTICALLY CUTTING CALORIES. It takes a very controlled diet and an exceptional amount of hard work and sweat.

However, at a sensible level, hard weight training and shorter intense bouts of cardio, will cut your body fat tone your muscles and improve your overall health.

Jodie Marsh has swapped the curves for the muscles

I’d be interested in everyones thoughts on this.

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