Goals not resolutions

Overheard this week,

“I feel awful, that’s it – I’m making a resolution to give up booze in January”

“It’s already the 6th, you’re too late’

January is a funny old time where we find ourselves surrounded by people making ‘life changing’ resolutions.  We will know the stats the majority of the resolutions will be broken within a few weeks and not revisited until the following January.

A lot of the time we also tend to pick resolutions that we don’t REALLY want to do, rather something that gains us some sort of pity or admiration from others. We also look to choose something that is extreme in nature for it’s own sake as opposed to a specific reason.

How many people announce grandly that they are giving up alcohol for January, WHY? Because I drank too much over Christmas and I feel awful and have no money.”  They then spend the whole month telling others, and themselves how hard it is, and how drunk they will get in February.

‘I’m giving up chocolate in January”. WHY? “Because I’ve put on loads of weight over Christmas”. you then proceed to replace chocolate with cake and sweets.

“I’m going to run everyday”. WHY? I usually run but I’ve lost fitness over Christmas and I want to get back to where I was?

If you really want to effect change, choose a set of specific GOALS that YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE.  You can decide how you can best achieve those goals and instead of continually thinking about what you are denying yourself, focus on what you are achieving throughout this period.

If you are making resolutions to effect change then why not make the change permanent and make sure you know why you are making it.

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