Don’t let the bully block your success

As it’s back to school week there’s no better time to talk about bullying. We all know just how much damage bullies can do to self-esteem, confidence and motivation. A lot of people I work with have been bullied their whole lives. They’ve spent years being told one, some or all of the following…

1. You’re fat
2. You can’t run
3. Your bum is massive
4. You have horrible arms
5. You’re so weak
6. You don’t belong here / there
7. He / she is so beautiful / funny / intelligent and you’re so rubbish
8. You should just give up, you’ll never be any good at that.

What’s worse is when it becomes even more personal, no matter what you do, however much you change to appease the bully, they never let up, you lose weight, it’s not enough. You run faster, it’s still not good enough. You spend time, effort, money, emotional energy but it’s just not good enough.

Even more hurtful is when you know the bully well, and it instead of being your friend, they’re your worst enemy.
It’s a betrayal, someone that should love you unconditionally and support you in all your goals and dreams, instead is shooting you down at every opportunity.

Just think how much you could have achieved if that person believed in you, was kind and supportive, cheered you on, applauded all your small achievements, picked you up after any disappointments and reminded you it’s not the end of the world and we’ll just forget it and try again.

So WHY don’t YOU do that. Stop bullying that poor man or woman in the mirror every morning and show them some love and support. There are enough people in the world who for their own reasons will feel the need to put you down, or tell you that you’re not good enough. there’s no need for you to add to that number.

We tend to copy other’s behaviour in order to gain acceptance by them. So what message are you sending out to those around you if all you do is bully yourself.

Sure, there may be things about yourself that you’d like to be different, and that’s fine.

Think how much easier it could be to achieve those things with love and support instead of hate and obstruction.

Have a great day and be your biggest fan.

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