New Run-Walk Pace Calculator

I’ve finally managed to refine and upload the run / walk calculator I use to work out pacing strategies for longer races. It enables you to predict your time if you implement a strict run / walk strategy from the outset.

It’s only meant as a guide, and if anything can boost confidence if you realise that even with the odd walk break you can achieve the time you wanted.

Why might you run-walk?

Jeff Galloway who is largely credited with bringing this style of training into the mainstream lists the following reasons.

Walk breaks…

• Speed you up: an average of 7 minutes faster in a 13.1 mile race when non-stop runners

shift to the correct Run Walk Run ratio – and more than 13 minutes faster in the marathon

• Give you control over the way you feel during and after

• Erase fatigue

• Push back your wall of exhaustion or soreness

• Allow for endorphins to collect during each walk break

• Break up the distance into manageable units

• Speed recovery

• Reduce the chance of aches, pains and injury

• Allow older or heavier runners to recover fast, and feel as good as in the younger (slimmer) days

• Activate the frontal lobe – maintaining your control over attitude and motivation

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