12 Days of Fitness: Day 12!


DAY 12!! Congratulations to everyone who made it this far. Whilst the programme itself is fairly challenging. Hopefully it has proven that you can find 10minutes each day to fit some exercise in, even if it is just the basics. You can’t go wrong with squats, press-ups, back extensions and crunches to keep a basic level of core, arm and leg strength up.

Enjoy the rest tomorrow.

Today’s challenge:
On the twelth day of Christmas, my PT gave to me*
1min Burpees (without the press up, but with the jump!)
1min press-ups
1min crunches
1min squats
1min back extensions**
1min side plank for as long as you can (left side down, swap each day)
1min press-ups
1min jogging
1min crunches
1min squats
1min tricep-dips and
A plank for as long as you can

How to perform a burpee

*Remember you should always take advice from your Doctor before embarking on any new physical activity. You should also make sure you are fully warmed up before starting the challenges. You acknowledge that you undertake any challenges entirely at your own risk.
**This is not a speed round, simply perform the reps at a sensible speed, do not make a note of reps, and stop before the end of the minute if you feel any discomfort

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